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You're Moving Out Today
(Bette Midler, 1977)
I'd Rather Be Alone
(Helen Reddy, 1977)
We Can Start All Over Again
(Leo Sayer, 1977)
I Don't Wanna Go
(Samantha Sang, 1978)

I Don't Break Easily
(Barbra Streisand, 1978)

I'm Coming Home Again
(Dusty Springfield, 1979)

All Through The Night
(Donna Summer, 1979)

You're The Only One
(Dolly Parton, 1979)

The Main Event/Fight
(Barbra Streisand, 1979)

No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
(Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer, 1979)

(Barbra Streisand, 1979)
Don't You Love Me Anymore
(Ray Charles, 1980)
Fool That I Am
(Rita Coolidge, 1980)
How You Once Loved Me
(Dionne Warwick, 1980)
Anyone Can See
(Irene Cara, 1981)

Making Love
(Roberta Flack, 1981)

Sweet Lover Man
(Pointer Sisters, 1981)

Sometimes Like Butterflies
(Donna Summer, 1982)
Street Beat
(Toni Basil, 1983)
The Lucky One
(Laura Branigan, 1984)

(Jermaine Jackson, 1984)

Easy Persuasion
(Pointer Sisters, 1984)
Hearts On Fire
(Sam Harris, 1984)
I Will Not Wait For You
(Sam Harris, 1984)
Shock Me
(Whitney Houston & Jermaine Jackson, 1985)

Pound, Pound, Pound
(Pointer Sisters, 1985)

Twist My Arm
(Pointer Sisters, 1985)
Whisper In The Dark
(Dionne Warwick, 1985)

Stonger Than Before
(Dionne Warwick, 1985)
Love Always
(El DeBarge, 1986)

You Should Be Mine
(Jeffrey Osborne, 1986)
Oh, People
(Patti LaBelle, 1986)

(Ponter Sisters, 1986)

Mercury Rising
(Pointer Sisters, 1986)
That's Where The Trouble Lies
(Kim Carnes, 1986)
In A World Such As This
(Dionne Warwick, 1986)
The Rescue
(Sam Harris, 1986)

Flames Of Paradise
(Jennifer Rush & Elton John, 1987)
True Believers
(Jeffrey Osborne, 1988)
In Your Arms
(Ashford & Simpson, 1989)
(Laura Branigan, 1990)
(Heart, 1990)
Me - U = Blue
(Glenn Medeiros & The Stylistics, 1990)
Someone Else's Eyes
(Aretha Franklin, 1991)
Some Other World
(Elton John, 1992)
Any Kind Of Love
(James Ingram, 1993)
A Dream For Us
(Rick Astley, 1993)
My Precious Star
(Aaron Neville, 1995)
Picnic In The Rain
(Naomi Campbell, 1995)
Voice Of The Heart
(Diana Ross, 1995)

Whenever There Is Love
(Donna Summer & Bruce Roberts, 1996)
So Tears Won't Fall
(Kevin Sharp, 1998)
Teach Me How To Live
(Regina Belle, 1998)
Love Love Again
(Smokey Robinson, 1999)

If I Didn't Love You
(Barbra Streisand, 1999)
To Love Again
(Lara Fabian, 2000)
When The Money's Gone
(Cher, 2001)

I Got Your Love
(Donna Summer, 2005)

To Paris With Love
(Donna Summer, 2010)

By Far The Best


I'M COMING HOME AGAIN is by far the best song on LIVING WITHOUT YOUR LOVE but almost the worst possible choice as a single. It's a slow and introspective ballad which brings the album to a gentle close. However, possibly because of its ponderous nature, it possesses no hit quality whatsoever. It was probably chosen for single release in the UK because the lyrics were so appropriate to Dusty's return to UK but there were certainly one or two other tracks on the album that would've been a lot safer to go with. Reviews were less than kind... The song was written by Carole Bayer Sager and Bruce Roberts. Sager's own version was issued on her 1978 album TOO and includes a middle section not used on Dusty's recording: "Hello, my friends, I've been neglecting you awhile/Well maybe now we'll know each other better/Time has a way of always turning up a smile and/Now I've got the time to know you better."
As good as her studio recording is, Dusty performed the song to perfection when she sang it on Saturday Night At The Mill in April 1979
Paul Howes, THE COMPLETE DUSTY SPRINGFIELD (Reynolds & Hearn Ltd)
(On Barbra Streisand's WET album) the arrangements are topnotch trhoughout, spotlighting Tom Scott's sax solo on the album's best cut, NIAGARA, and Jeff Baxter's electric guitar on another good one, KISS ME IN THE RAIN. All the songs deal with water, with the theme stretched a bit to permit the inclusion of the Streisand/Summer duet NO MORE TEARS (ENOUGH IS ENOUGH).
Billboard, November 1979
Of the many albums recorded by Barbra Streisand, A LOVE LIKE OURS is probably the most genuinely romantic, because it's about true love - the love for her second husband, James Brolin. The set is a celebration of one happy love story (it also includes I'VE DREAMED OF YOU, which Barbra sang at her wedding party) and though lacking in rhythmic variety, it does contain several memorable songs. One of the best is certainly IF I DIDN'T LOVE YOU, an elegant, meditative ballad written by Bruce Roberts and Junior Miles which finds Streisand's voice at her most charming. A real jewel.

Sebastiano Lionti, 2006

Just in case you were wondering, my favorite songs are...

  • "All Through The Night" (Donna Summer)
  • "Sometimes Like Butterflies" (Donna Summer)
  • "Niagara" (Barbra Streisand)
  • "Don't You Love Me Anymore" (Ray Charles)



Ray Charles' incredible version of "Don't You Love Me Anymore" is included on his GENIUS & SOUL: The 50th Anniversary Collection (Box Set).